About Us

"Dreams of life, value investing!"

Aiming your interests.

Our vision is clear and simple: to offer our customers quality and reliable services market and selling real estate, and to support him in decisions leading to a clean, efficient and profitable investments. This in turn determines our main goal, which is to protect the client from incorrect movements and offer choices based on their own needs and opportunities for maximum return on his money.

With knowledge and cooperation.

Our company operates in the field of real estate transactions since 1975. Our experience is one of the cornerstones of the company. It is a knowledge bank from which we derive daily findings, comparative results, market trends, proper assessments, appropriate contacts.

Our partners, a wide network of experienced and trusted professionals, is the living force of company. Each client is unique for us, so our approach is individualized and Our personal touch. Only then we can identify exactly what the customer wants and respond with appropriate recommendations.

With the structure and system.

The key to successful cooperation in the correct structure of a buying and selling approach. The company We have developed a successful system, determines the steps cooperation with the customer:

  • Accurate evaluation. Determining the correct selling price or market ensures reliability and speed.The database, its wide network and extensive experience give us this opportunity.
  • Professional advice. How is the proper presentation of a property, when, who factors influence. What are the funding opportunities, and what it pays.
  • Promotions. The appropriate description and presentation of the property is essential to the attracting major stakeholders.
  • Continuous contact. Our office maintains a constant contact with the client, informing him of the progress and proposals exist.

With infrastructure and sensitivity.

The needs, objectives, expectations and capabilities of each client are different, like the season, the market conditions of a specific property. For this reason, every demand and every offer requires careful study, investigate thoroughly and properly reviewed. The infrastructure of our office, both partners and technical means are well. Education, information and technical training of our people is a very high level, while the most modern technology available to us for speed,organization and confidence.

Investing in a property is not only economical, but often and intensely emotional. Many are expectations and dreams around a home or a business, on which we invest concern, love, time and money. Being fully aware of the seriousness of mortgage transactions, the partners of our firm feature, along with the excellent professional training, and the necessary subtlety and sensitivity.Buying and selling a property is a case for our human and personal, which requires flexible,professional, discreet and accurate movements. Always, the interest and satisfaction customer.

With research, analysis and legal support.

The partners of our firm have the appropriate knowledge to carry out any research and analysis is necessary before a transaction. Technical and legal support, management consultants and marketing will give answers and propose solutions for profitable options. The long list satisfied customers by contacting the company made the most advantageous investment indicates the efficiency and professionalism that governs Our relationship with the customer.

With residential and commercial properties.

The range of activities ensures our clients properties and land in North, inc enter of Athens, islands and industrial parks throughout the country. The specificity of our office the requirements of civil, commercial and industrial sectors makes us valuable partners in rapid finding or disposal of property and land.

In the commercial / business area at our disposal, property and land which are to directly available on most trade routes in Attica. The important developmental role in Greek economy of industrial and commercial enterprises and the growing interest of foreign investors in Greece has increased the need for investments in residential, industrial, commercial properties and plots.

In urban areas we have listed, mansions, villas, townhouses, duplexes and Pensions and remarkable land, suitable for luxury housing.

Specialized in Northern Suburbs.

Fields with specialized partners for the purchase or sale of real estate and land in North is available to our customers, with a plethora of options and proposals, accounting for 100% of disposal of property. Our firm holds market in detail the Northern Suburbs and monitors developments in prices, supply and demand. Feedback, analysis and proposal will take our client will be thorough and effective.

With dedication to the customer.

The knowledge, experience and success of our office would have no value if converted into satisfaction for the customer. You, our customer, are the driving force for us, you evaluate the job us, you enjoy the results of our cooperation, our you do best. So we care to build and maintain a stable, long-term relationship of trust with you.

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