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(Προς Πώληση) Λοιπά Ακίνητα Ξενοδοχείο || Ν. Κέρκυρας/Θινάλιο - 2.970τ.μ, 1€

Ν. Κέρκυρας / Θινάλιο (Δ. Κέρκυρας) / Αλμυρός

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Έτος Κατασκευής
Τ.μ. Οικοπέδου 14000
Θέα Θάλασσα
Κατάσταση Καταπληκτική
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Προς Πώληση Ξενοδοχείο, Θινάλιο, Αλμυρός, 2970 τ.μ., Σε οικόπεδο 14000 τ.μ., 30 Δωμάτια, Κατάσταση: Καταπληκτική, Θέα: Θάλασσα, Τιμή: 1€. Θάνος Θεόδωρος Real Estate, Αγίων Σαράντα 61-Ν. Ερυθραία, 210 6201930, www.thanos.gr. Υπεύθυνος: ΜΠΟΡΟΣ ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ, Κιν: 6944709423

Αναλυτική Περιγραφή

Description of “Restia Suites” Hotel.
Restia Suites is a 5* hotel that has been awarded four years in a row as the hotel with the most high
percentage of satisfied guests for the British market among all Thomson's hotels from around the
It is built on a land of 14.000sq.meters right on the beachfront of Almiros Bay. The total coverage of
the buildings is 2.370 sq.meters and another 600 sq.meters is the total coverage of the basements.
Also, the hotel is mainly built by stone covering almost 70% of the external walls of the buildings.
The hotel consists of 30 Junior Suites of 52 sq.meters each. 16 suites have their own private pools
and gardens of 100 sq.meters. Each pool has its own totally independent water filtration system and
motor and their dimensions are3.3m width, 8m length and 1.55 depth. 7 suites have an
uninterrupted view to the sea and are orientated in such way that any further development in the
area will never block the view of these suites. The remaining 7 suites have a direct access to the
main swimming pool and the gardens of the hotel.
All suites have the following facilities:
-High Speed and wireless Internet access
-Telephone with data port and voicemail
-LCD television
-Digital cable TV with movies-on-demand and internet access on TV
-Electronic personal safe for lap-top computers
-Separate showers with Steam bath
-Double air massage and hydromassage bathtub
-Double marble basin
-Two hairdryers
-Plush bathrobes, cotton towels and slippers
-Iron and ironing board
-Mini bar
-Coffee and tea making facilities
The hotel offers a private house of 120 m2 fully equipped for the needs of the hotel manager/owner.
It also provides 3 restaurant areas. The first restaurant area is used for breakfast needs and covers
65,60 sqm+20 sqm bar area+60 sqm kitchen area. The second area is used for lunch and dinner
needs and is situated under a pergola and is covered with glass doors all around so it can be used in
all weather conditions and covers 64sqm. The last area is the “Theme” restaurant of the hotel and is
situated on the first floor on the main restaurant building with spectacular view of the sea and
covers 65sqm. The basement of the building consists of the general linen room, general Store
room, Furniture Store room, one area for the filtration system of the swimming pool, Kitchen Store
room and personnel toilets. This area covers 172sqm.
The main swimming pool's coverage is 150sqm with a maximum depth of 1,55m for security. Next
to the main swimming pool there is an outdoor jacuzzi with capacity of 8 people with both Hydromassage
and Air-massage jets.
Inside the hotel's premises a totally independent biological treatment system of 3rd grade (ecofriendly)
is operating for the sewage needs. For the maintenance of all the gardens a fully automated
watering system is established in order to ensure maximum privacy of the guests. The hotel uses led
lights for the main swimming pool (changes to multiple colors) as well as the exterior of the
restaurant and the rooms. The hotel offers 30 parking spaces for the total occupancy of the hotel as
well as 2 parking spaces for the tour operator buses.
The reception area consists of three floors. On the first floor there is a manager's/owner's house as
mentioned above with a total coverage of 120sqm. On the ground floor is the main reception area
with a total coverage of 308,50sqm+55,55sqm veranda. This floor consists of the reception desk,
management's office, library bar with a sitting area, meeting room of a capacity of 10 persons,
hairdressing salon, gift shop, mini market and a luggage storage room. In the basement of the same
building there is a gym, 2 changing rooms with lockers showers and WC which also comprises a
sauna with capacity of 6 people and a steam bath area with capacity of 4 people, 4 spa treatment
rooms, WC for the guests, elevator, and the room of the motors of the hotel's water supply system.
The basement area of the reception has a total coverage of 360sqm.
It must be noted that the hotel enjoys a total independence in water supply since it has its own 4
wells that have the ability to fulfill the hotel needs in water even in times of maximum occupancy.
Every suite of the hotel has its own solar system to warm the water up thus the hotel does not use
any petrol at all. 2 big water tanks are built to guarantee the water supply and the watering of the
gardens at all times and with the 2 motors a total independence is guaranteed from the community's
water supply.There are also three basements for all the filtration systems of all private swimming
pools. The electricity supply is at all times guaranteed for all functions and lighting needs of the
hotel since a private electric generator has been installed in the hotel's premises. At the same time
the hotel enjoys low cost electric power because of the electricity sub station that has been built in
the hotel.The fencing of the property and the private villas of a total 300m length is built by iroko
wood. Finally, there is a tennis court with the same dimensions as professional tennis courts.

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Δημοσίευση ακινήτου: 15 Μαρ, 2016
Τελευταία ενημέρωση: 30 Μαρ, 2021
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